In the early months of 2017, the seeds of the TestCard app were sown right here, as the spark that ignited the revolutionary idea for test card technology. Through unwavering dedication and ingenuity, we've crafted the remarkable TestCard mobile application, a groundbreaking solution that transforms any smartphone camera into a clinical-grade scanner.

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Our journey began with a vision to empower users with an unparalleled tool for healthcare. The very first iteration focused on tackling Urinary Tract Infections ("UTi"), culminating in the development of a pioneering test kit. With a simple strip, embedded ingenuity meets user convenience. Harnessing the power of the TestCard app, users hold their mobile device above the strip applied with urine, instantaneously unveiling critical results.

The TestCard app, a harmonious blend of cutting-edge mobile technology and the precision of medical lab tests, fills a crucial void in the healthcare landscape. The app bridges the gap, catering to a burgeoning demand that's been waiting for an innovative approach.

Our journey didn't halt there; it evolved. Guided by the spirit of innovation, we expanded the app's capabilities to include reading Sars-Cov-2 results, extending its impact in combating a global crisis. Our explorations further led us into the realms of Pregnancy and Diabetes test kits, nurturing the app's potential to revolutionise these domains as well.

The TestCard story is one of triumph. We take immense pride in the thriving path it has charted, as it not only empowers individuals but also forms formidable alliances with major Pharmaceutical companies, cementing its position at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

At App Factory, innovation isn't just a goal; it's a way of life. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of TestCard, where mobile technology intersects with healthcare to shape a healthier, more empowered world.

Together, we embrace the future and transform possibilities into realities.

Welcome to App Factory, the birthplace of innovation!

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