At App Factory, we take pride in being the catalyst behind groundbreaking ventures that inspire positive change. One such journey began with, an ambitious startup driven by a mission to create a carbon-negative social mobility platform. From concept to creation, App Factory played a pivotal role in building their fully functional ride-sharing app.

Bevvy App

In the face of unforeseen challenges, SKOOT's resilience shone as they navigated the turbulent waters of the Covid era. Adapting to the new landscape, their focus evolved, and the reins were gracefully handed over to their in-house team. Today, SKOOT stands tall, channeling their energy towards a noble cause: empowering individuals and businesses to take charge of their carbon emissions.

SKOOT's Climate Platform: Nurturing Sustainability

Central to SKOOT's ethos is a broad-based climate platform that arms individuals and enterprises with easy-to-use tools. These tools effortlessly empower users to make tangible contributions towards counteracting their carbon footprints. We, at App Factory, are elated to have set SKOOT's journey in motion, a journey that resonates deeply with our commitment to fostering positive impact.

Affordable Carbon Offset Solutions: A Catalyst for Change

One of SKOOT's pioneering solutions revolves around affordable in-the-moment CO2 offset solutions. This innovation enables people to transform their actions into meaningful contributions, creating a powerful ripple effect across communities and industries alike.

As architects of SKOOT's initial steps, we stand shoulder to shoulder with them, proud witnesses to their remarkable evolution. Together, we celebrate the convergence of technology and purpose, driving forward an agenda that not only makes business sense but also propels us towards a more sustainable future.

In the grand symphony of change, App Factory is honored to have played a part in composing SKOOT's inspiring journey. As we continue to ignite transformative ventures, we're reminded that every collaboration, every innovation, holds the potential to shape a better world.